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Meticulous Cardiac Risk Profile


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

The Meticulous Cardiac Risk Profile is a specialized panel consisting of 10 important tests that evaluate various biomarkers associated with cardiac health and assess an individual’s risk of developing heart-related issues.

This profile includes tests such as B-Type Natriuretic Peptide, CK-MB (Creatine Kinase-MB), Hs-CRP (High-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein), Homocysteine, Myoglobin, CK-NAC (Creatine Kinase-N-Acetyl), LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase), SGOT (Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase), and Troponin I & T.

These biomarkers play a vital role in assessing cardiac health. Elevated levels of certain markers may indicate various cardiac conditions or risks, enabling early detection, intervention, and prevention of potential heart-related issues.

Typically, fasting is not required for most tests included in this profile. However, specific instructions might be provided by the healthcare provider for certain tests. It’s essential to follow any fasting or pre-test instructions provided.

The turnaround time for receiving test results may vary based on the laboratory’s processing time. Generally, results are available within a day or two after the tests. Confirm the estimated result turnaround with your healthcare provider or lab technician.

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