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Meticulous Diabetes Profile

15 Tests

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

The Meticulous Diabetes Profile is a comprehensive set of 15 tests designed to evaluate various aspects related to diabetes management and its potential impact on overall health.

This profile comprises essential tests such as Glucose Fasting/Postprandial (F/PP), HbA1C (Glycated Hemoglobin), Lipid Profile, Blood Urea, Creatinine, Microalbumin, Insulin Fasting, and C-Peptide.

These tests are instrumental in assessing blood sugar levels (fasting and post-meal), HbA1C for long-term glucose control, lipid profile for heart health, kidney function (blood urea, creatinine, microalbumin), and insulin/c-peptide levels for understanding insulin production and resistance. These insights aid in diabetes management and identifying potential complications.

Yes, fasting is typically required for specific tests in this profile, such as Glucose Fasting and Lipid Profile. Adhering to fasting guidelines is essential for accurate results, especially for glucose and lipid levels.

The time to receive test results may vary depending on the laboratory’s processing time. Generally, results are available within a day or two after the tests. Confirm the estimated result turnaround with your healthcare provider or lab technician.

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